A term mainly employed little urban shits to describe groups of other dickheads. Very cringeworthy to hear this if you arent interested in their way of speaking.
'yo bruv you seen dat man... literally... brap'
'yeh e wiv dat dem mandem innit... '
by tom healey December 17, 2016
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Slang term for person. Usually used by violent thugs and hooligans when referring to another violent thug or hooligan. Can refer to either a friend or an enemy. See example below.
Fadi - "started beef with too many mandems so now i have to roll deep with my mandems"
by GF August 23, 2004
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The word 'Mandem' is used to describe a group of friends or homies
Yo where are you

I chillin at mine with them mandem
by BD7 LankyBoi May 24, 2018
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It is a British slang for a group or gang of boys especially a big or shady looking group.
by Miz-San October 8, 2018
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mandem >> money making nigga's who live on turf and are willing to defend it.
by MARK DAVIDSON March 8, 2003
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