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Imagine the most beautiful technologically advanced town clean picture portrait landscapes, and the most friendliest people you could ever meet. Now forget all of that. Hellhole Mancos is the literal colon of the state of Colorado. The people here are deranged and eat walnuts and dandelions for lunch. The buildings all look like, because they are all mud huts. Even the U.S. Government denies the existence of this disgusting town. The name, Hellhole Mancos, came about when the rest of Colorado (even Pueblo) decided to build a prison off in the middle of the desert. Later, the prison grew so astronomically large that it formed its own makeshift town. It is said that those who travel to the far reaches of Hellhole Mancos never return. Legend has it that they too become utterly powerless and join the hive mind...Don't believe me? Google maps Mancos. It's a freakish desert in bumfuck nowhere. Just don't ever visit this town.
Do you realize why UPS only visits Hellhole Mancos once a week? Because UPS has to find a prisoner on death row and convince him not to kill himself on the way there.
by Industry of Buttes Inc. July 26, 2010
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