Manahawkin aka Manajauna (because most of the kids there smoke) is a decent town minus the BHW kids who think they are entilted because they’re ALMOST rich (stop acting like you live on the island cause you don’t cause you’re not rich enough). OA is not scum it is actually very nice and yes that is where you can find weed. All the kids at Southern know how to do is smoke, drink, and eat (specifically wawa). When we’re not doing that we’re on the island or just driving to get out of our suburban neighborhoods.
by OAiswhereitsat January 17, 2018
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Its the small town you drive through to get to Long Beach Island. This town has one of the biggest high schools around. We hangout at applebee's, applebees was the best place and only place to hangout for half off apps. Lots of memories held there oh and we shop at Walmart, We know the people who live around us. Its a family town and its not a tourist attraction. But we do have a Holiday Inn, the only time they have business is if someone has a cheap wedding reception in one of the rooms. And we dont have gays in this place:(
Manahawkin is like a grain of sand
by manahawkin September 10, 2006
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We go to the movies and wawa and most of us smoke. if youdon't live ceder run you live in BHW and if you don't live in either of those places you are the scum of OA. theres a shit load of drama and we hate bennys. and barnaget (barnaghetto is our arch nemesis)
dude one: yo man where can we get weed? baraghettO?
dude 2 noo man manahawkin os where its at
by its taylor bitch June 6, 2011
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Right after your ass fucking someone you pull your dick out and lay your balls on their gapping asshole.
Mark came home to Manahawkin opened the door to find the Manahawkin Manhole Cover happening in his bedroom right when his friend was covering his girlfriends ass with his balls
by NORATS July 12, 2017
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a small middle class town located in ocean county, nj under stafford township. mainly white with a small population of hispanics on e bay ave. a lot of hispanic people who live here are white passing. there are two sections: ocean acres and beach haven west. water activities and seafood are popular here as we are on the border of the country on the (north) atlantic ocean. we are considered the mainland, because of the tourist island towns called long beach island right next to us. the people are nice, and there are some nice things to do like carnivals (mostly hosted in the summer) or the community garden. going to the beach is always an option. barnegat inhabitants are like our cousins. pretty nice place to live and it is the most active during the summer.
I live in manahawkin, nj.
by Suburbs_Savage August 2, 2022
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