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A small, dramatic town in New Jersey.
There's two main parts of Manahawkin :
Beach Haven West and Ocean Acres.

Beach Haven West is the best, it's where all the chill people and the weed is.
Ocean Acres is full of scumbags but everyone lives there.

There's not many kids who don't live in either BHW or OA.

Manahawkin is home to SRMS (Southern Regional Middle School) and SRHS (Southern Regional High School).

The middle school and the high school are both filled with wanna be sluts and druggies. Everyone's a backstabber. The drama follows everyone.
The guys are hot and the girls are gross.

That's Manahawkin in short. :D
(also known as Marijuanahawkin)
Student: Where do you live ?
Other Student: Manahawkin
Student: Ohh gross
by BHW for life November 16, 2010
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Its the small town you drive through to get to Long Beach Island. This town has one of the biggest high schools around. We hangout at applebee's, applebees was the best place and only place to hangout for half off apps. Lots of memories held there oh and we shop at Walmart, We know the people who live around us. Its a family town and its not a tourist attraction. But we do have a Holiday Inn, the only time they have business is if someone has a cheap wedding reception in one of the rooms. And we dont have gays in this place:(
Manahawkin is like a grain of sand
by manahawkin September 09, 2006
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We go to the movies and wawa and most of us smoke. if youdon't live ceder run you live in BHW and if you don't live in either of those places you are the scum of OA. theres a shit load of drama and we hate bennys. and barnaget (barnaghetto is our arch nemesis)
dude one: yo man where can we get weed? baraghettO?
dude 2 noo man manahawkin os where its at
by its taylor bitch June 05, 2011
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Manahawkin aka Manajauna (because most of the kids there smoke) is a decent town minus the BHW kids who think they are entilted because they’re ALMOST rich (stop acting like you live on the island cause you don’t cause you’re not rich enough). OA is not scum it is actually very nice and yes that is where you can find weed. All the kids at Southern know how to do is smoke, drink, and eat (specifically wawa). When we’re not doing that we’re on the island or just driving to get out of our suburban neighborhoods.
by OAiswhereitsat January 17, 2018
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