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@ebrake yeah, why don't you put together a Tea Party get-together in Florida and jack-off all over the crowd like at a sweet GWAR show too? That would be great and would definitely send a message. People would be stoked to bask in your MAN SQUEEZE.
by duskins December 08, 2010
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A man squeeze is the accepted term for a male slut

A slut, in case your unsure of the definition, is a woman that has had sexual relations with multiple partners. And a man squeeze is just the male version.

Franklin: Wow, I never knew Rico was such a slut!
Betty: Yeah, I know, he's such a man squeeze!
by she-lo lo July 12, 2008
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Not quite a hand job.
Machu Pichu: Hey did your girlfriend give you a hand job?
J-Kwon: Nah, not really, it was more of a man squeeze.
by J-kwon!!!!!! January 01, 2008
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