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In this order...Blow a line of salt...Squirt lemon or lime in either eye...take shot of alcohol...Then clench jaw and take a punch to the cheek...
Dude you total pwned that man shot
by LAXplayer5151 February 18, 2007
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kinda like body shots, but since pain it involved its manly
1. put salt on hand
2. get lime and tequilla ready
3. convince yourself that its a good idea
4. let the cheers of onlookers boost your confidence
painful part time
5. snort the salt
6. squeeze lime into your eye
7. have a "friend" punch you in the face

its painful yet fun
Billy: Hey lets do body shots
Bob: um... we only have guys here
by pharmacist December 14, 2005
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(a) Four shots of alcohol with no chaser (b) A straight shot of semen into the back of your throat
Lets all have a round of man shots! (works for both)
by RDA08 November 26, 2005
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An enormous amount of alcohol to confirm your masculinity.
What James Bond consumes in Casino Royale after killing two men. "This man shot reinvigorated me!" (note: this was not said in the movie.)
by RDA08 November 23, 2006
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just as it says it takes a man to take the shot
step 1:lick salt
step 2:snort some tequila
step 3:squirt lemon in your eye
step 4: try not to cry lil bitch
I was told to do a man shot last night and squirt lemon in my eye to dull the pain in my nose... it didnt work...
by enano August 23, 2007
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