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A man's best friend is undoubtably his dog. They're friendly, loyal, quirky, and great to talk to. A great friend, one who will never judge your wardrobe or what you said or did today. When you come home, all they want from you is a hello and a petting. They'll never refuse attention, or a treat (or several). They'll love you simply for being there and loving them back.
My dog Biscuit is a great dog. Truly man's best friend.
by Zoniax June 08, 2009
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Dude my German Shepherd is freaking awesome. He protected me from an intruder.lets just say that guy wont be intruding anymore. I love this canine. Dog is truly Man's bestfriend .
by wowdudethatskool September 15, 2009
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Alfred E. Newman: "dirty dirty sluts are a mans best friend"
D.L Hughley: "what about dogs??"
Alfred E. Newman: "c.mon man you ever tried to fuck a dog??"
D.L Hughley: "yes"
by Colon Power May 22, 2004
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Happens when you and your wife/girlfriend want to have a threesome. Instead of having another human, you add your dog to enjoy in oral sex or Anal licking in a "Human Centipede" position with the dog in the middle. This is known as "Man's Best Friend"
I asked my gurl what she wanted to do tonight, so i called in my Hound and did Man's Best Friend!
by whadduphoe? March 25, 2011
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Sexual: When a man has sex with a woman, but allows his dog to stay in the room. At or near the point of climax, he beckons the dog to lick his anus hole.
Wade Peden enjoys making love to his baby lacy, but loves it even more when 'Man's best friend' - his dog BW licks his butthole at climax.
by Wade Peden January 12, 2008
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