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1) When your manhood has come into question, and you challenge the question-er to prove your manliness

2) Any time a person's manliness is said to be insufficient

3) A competion
1) person a- Jim is lucky he's not in a coma! He drank over half a case of beer last night.
person b- What?! Why?
person a- Man Challenge

2) person a- No, it's okay, just carry two, we all know you're a little...
person b- Are you challenging my manhood?

3) Ladies can have Man Challenges too, despite their name, Man Challenges don't see gender.
by hoboace December 27, 2007
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A sacred dare that occurs when somebody states they will do something, saying it in a sarcastic way or not realising they said it, somebody else around them then says "man challenge" which then forces that person to do what the said or else they will receive a kick to the balls. The only way to get out of a man challenge is for the person who administers the man challenge to say "Revoke" which takes away the man challenge.

Is the person who receives the man challenge does not do the act they were challenged to do and refuses to take their kick to the balls they are stripped of their ability to give man challenges to other people because they are now viewed as a pussy and hence the name can not give "Man" Challenges.
John: Hey Chris u should go smack that girls ass

Chris: Ya dude, I'm totally gonna do that

John: Man Challenge

Chris: Shit
by Koalaboybrad September 09, 2014
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A summons to prove a man's ability to accomplish a given task forcing him to believe his genitals penis are larger than they are known to be.
Jake failed Susie's man challenge to remember to put the toilet seat down thus Jake faced the harsh reality of his actual penis size small.
by NARC31 January 05, 2008
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