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The formality of your messages, mainly texting for how a person may judge your internet/online status. The different stages include usage of capital letters, punctuation, and emojis.
Stages of Texting
Stage 1 (informal): OMG THAT WAS SOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY *insert crying laughing emoji here*
Stage 2 (casual): Yeah the party's on Thursday
Stage 3 (normal): I'm pretty sure she's upset about her boyfriend dumping her.
Stage 4 (ass eater): Laughing out loud, that was quite the funny joke x capital d laughing my ass off.
by Chinis Chink December 3, 2016
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The little respect your mother has for your personal life / space. Does whatever the hell she wants, whenever the hell she wants. Very annoying.
Friend: I was taking a massive dump and my mom walked in and asked me what I wanted for dinner after she did her hair.
Friend 2: Yeah, that's a lot of mom respect for you.
by Chinis Chink May 28, 2016
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Dying due to lack of oxygen because of something hilarious and you can't control your breathing. Can be used as -ing
Friend 1: *funny joke here*
Friend 2: Hahaha, omf i can't breathe
Friend 1: It was funny, right?
Friend 2: No, seriously help. I can't breathe it's too funny.
Friend 1: What, you're laughficating?

Friend 2 died five minutes later due to laughfication.
Friend 1's whereabouts are unknown.
by Chinis Chink May 28, 2016
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A word that you hear among friends or in an NSFW program and you don't think googling it will give you the results you want, so you go to Urban Dictionary
Friend: Spent an extra five minutes in the bathroom because of morning wood, stain wouldn't get out of the carpet.
Innocent Friend: Oh, okay.
-looks up on Google-
A monster in Terraria? Must be of Urban Origin.
-looks up on UD-
by Chinis Chink November 27, 2015
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A dance with the song, 'Ghost Town DJ's - My Boo' playing where one commonly places their left foot behind the right and steps rapidly in place with other random dances placed in between. (spinning, bopping (the leg thing not whatever the fuck that other shit is), etc.) Fun to do with your friends and switch off to show off or just have fun.
Friend 1: Dude, the school is holding a dance but there's gonna be teachers crawling all over the place.
Friend 2: Doesn't matter, we'll still have fun.
Friend 1: Huh?
Friend 2: Running man challenge?
Friend 1: Hell yes.
by Chinis Chink May 28, 2016
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