The most popular & common name especially in Iran , it’s the short form of mohammad but most of the time their gf’s doesn’t like to use it 🤷🏻 ♂️

If you call this in a place at least 3 persons will answer you definitely 😂

mohamad has other combinations like mohamad hosein and etc , but most of them call their selves mamad
S.o : hey !
1) bale
Same place

S.o: maaamaad
1) baaaaah
2) junm dadaaa
4) just watching u
5) is not a mamad but watching u
Hamishe paye yek mamad dar mian ast
by Mamad_soly August 15, 2018
Some dude with a genius mind and shit load of dope musics , mostly metal.
Aka mentor or master.
More definitions refer to god.
A : yo bruh i wanna start listening to metal music you have some?
B : nah you better ask mamad.
by Middle finger of god August 16, 2018
Mamad is the most popular name among Iranian families and also the best name there ever will be. Mamad is God's ultimate creature. The name is short for Mohamad.

The most famous Mamad is Liverpool's Egyptian striker Mamad Salah who has reportedly and numerously admitted to owing all his success to the name and the exceptional support of the Mamad community.
Poet says: if you have no one to talk to/if you have no one by your side/there will always be a Mamad/in whom you can confide

In conclusion if you're a Mamad you are 7-0 ahead of every one else.

So keep calm and love Mamads.
-Asghar did you see what Mamad did the other day?

+Yes haji pashmaaam curled. Mamad is the best.
by Mmd9rrr August 19, 2018
Short form of Mohammad in Persian.
Also used as an offensive term, meaning coward or a mainstream guy
Synonyms: bi khaye, tokhmi, lim
- So you're coming to the party at Mehrshad's right?
+ Naah. I think I'll pass.

- Don't be such a mamad

- How was the sex?
+ Meh. I didn't cum even once.
- so he's a mamd?
+ Yep
by Not a mamad February 20, 2019
A nice person until he gets mad and see him being different towards you. He is attractive but also some people like him but he does not like them back .He is a chill person but people will think different. He keeps he’s business to himself knows a lot but don’t say anything.
Mamadou is moving funny 😠
I don’t why he don’t like this person.
by Mamadou chill person April 22, 2019
He is always kind, understanding, and a great friend. He is also very intellegent. Whenever he sees someone who is alone or hurt, he'll join them. If someone is being discluded, he'll leave too. He is willing to do anything for his friends, and is a natural leader. He'll stand up and give his crap to bullys. He is always fun to be around, and I think he has the best kind of qualitys and personalitys.
Girl 1: I like Mamadou, but I just can't go up to him.
Girl 2: I wonder who he likes?
Girl 1: Probably the most popular girl in the school.
Girl 3: Sara.

Boy 1: He is the best friend I ever had
Boy 2: Yeah. Every thing about him is amazing.
by Bryn_ P June 9, 2020
1.The Anglification of the spanish word mamadas, meaning acts done out of sheer ignorance.2. also a blowjob.
1.He was fired due to his constant mamades, what a fukin dipshit!!!
2. I went to your moms house for some exquisite mamades.
by the goat lives October 14, 2008