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If you are ever so fortunate to meet a girl with this name, know that she is a girl that you will truly want to keep forever close. She’s absolutely stunning to the eye which causes all the guys to go crazy! Indescribable is the best word to describe her personality; beautiful is the best word to describe her heart, for she truly does have a heart of gold, even though she shyly hesitates to show it. She has the personality that intrigues you and immediately pulls you in because of your desire to understand her more. Just when you think you fully understand her, she surprises you with something new, causing an unending amount of mystery and excitement. She is filled with the funniest sense of humour and always speaks her mind even when it may be inappropriate. She's open and honest with everyone, perhaps a little too honest at times! However she makes up for it with her un-denying ability to make you feel as though you are better than you know you are. If you continue to grow closer to her you will find that she is someone that you cannot wait to hang out with again, and becomes someone you sincerely need. Anyone would be extremely lucky to have her present in their life, if only a little.

So if you meet this girl Malyk... stick with her, cause she'll make life even more sweet.
by wedontknow March 23, 2013
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