Beautiful small confused girl. Bright eyed and loud. She is stunning!! Any boy would be lucky to be with her. She's a girl you'd only find in your dreams.
Boy1: I really need a girlfriend.

Boy 2: Yeah me too, one like Mallie.

Boy1: Agreed.
by Owen777 May 03, 2013
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short, shy, caring person, that loves all types of animals. sweet person once you get to know them and they tell hilarious jokes time to time.
boy 1: who is that girl?

boy 2: mallie, i believe
boy 3: never seen her around
boy 2: she’s been in our class since 3rd grade..
boy 1 & boy 3: ohhhh really?
by rae blake December 08, 2017
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Mallie is not a trust worthy friend she is very sensitive and rude but has some true friends. Mallie love's the drama. She is only watches the office because she has no life. Mallie is always is looking for friends.
Kid 1 : Omg is that Mallie

Kid 2: Oh don't talk to her she is really annoying
by Hello0000000800 June 11, 2020
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Ginger girl who is genuinely slow so peak for anyone since she never knows what she wants with someone.
Cant joke around with her too much as she gets emotional
Boy1: oh my have yu seen mallie today
Boy2: dont say anything to her uno she’ll start shouting at you
by Wesdick October 15, 2020
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Mallie is a girl that loves to start drama. And can’t say and to not have attention. She loves to push up on boys yet the alway run away. She can be nice when she wants . Is crazy and wild . And is super dramatic about everything
Dang Mallie was being a real buthole today at lunch
by Shane45 May 15, 2019
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Pronounced as "Molly".An umbrella term encompassing the whole of mall-core cultural inhabitants.Ranging from so-called "Punks" to "Goth's" and "Emo's"often seen hanging around the mall idolizing the newest pair of bondage pants at Hottopic.Known for bearing an "individual"attitude,angsty behaviour and an indeterminate attitude upon the world.Often seen dawning the newest mallternative band t-shirts and bitching at passer-by about how their life sucks.Often associated with the doom cookie/Gloom cookie and scene cultures.often only joining religions or philosophical movements for superficial reasons
mallie"hey you are a poseur,You didn't buy the new HIM cd"

Real Goth"Why would I buy something like that when I can listen to Eva O or Throbbing gristle"

mallie"Aww....You suck you're not an individual!"

real goth"And you are?"
by Bjørn Aasen November 14, 2007
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Mally is a mix between funky and groovy. Often used around the beaches and a positive way to describe someone or something
"Ellie is so mally she is baben"
"That chair looks so mally!"
by Mallybabe September 15, 2014
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