A mall grab is a way of holding your skateboard with the grip tape facing your pants, and gripping it by the trucks. It is called mall grabbing because the skate community has decided that people that hold their board like that are probably posers and carry it more than they ride it, so they carry it around a “mall” as an accessory, hence the “mall” grab. You may be wondering though why this is frowned upon as it is very obviously the most fucking comfortable way of holding the board. I’m going to get crucified for saying this but it’s true. “BUh bUh yOULL lOoSeN tHe tRuCkS” the trucks are literally shaped like fucking handles I’ve seen skate shops use trucks as door handles it is fucking PERFECT for holding but Noooooo we have to make fun of everyone that hold it in the most comfortable way because making things harder for ourselves and putting down anyone that speaks up against it is the way to fucking go because you’re all toxic gatekeepers.
Normal person: hey mall grabbing is a great convenient way to hold the board, sure it rubs against my pants but so does half the other ways of holding my board!

Fucking retard: *retard noises* wOah WhAt A poSeR. I bEt yOu moNgO puSh, pOsEr. dO yOu HaVe a tHrAsheR T sHiRt? ThAt mUst mEaN yOu caNt sKatE, tRUsT me iD kNoW bEcauSe iM a SkAteR, diD yOu kNoW tHaT I SkAtE? cAn yOu eVen dO a KickFliP. I lOvE gAy SeX!!!
by Danny Despacito September 18, 2020
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When somebody holds there skateboard by the truck (most commonly in the mall) and is usually referred to as a poser.
by enrets mada August 31, 2008
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Original definition: skate trick, Pushing down on the tail of a skateboard and grabbing it by the front trucks. Generally the first “trick” most skaters learn. Generally the only trick that mall rats who buy boards but don’t ride will know how to do.
That kid has no idea how to ride, he just sits in the mall holding his board and does an occasional mall grab.
by TheBoden April 11, 2018
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The wrong way to hold a skateboard (by the trucks, with grip tape rubbing against your pants).
Typical of people who spend more time carrying their skateboard around the mall as a fashion accessory instead of actually riding it.
The poseur was easy to spot because their pants had been sanded down near the waist due to constant mall grabbing.
by Nick Sherman July 6, 2006
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