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A different version of the acronym SMH (shake my head)

A humourosly ironic way of saying Smh (because it’s not supposed to be said like that)
“Karen! You sold the kids for your ketamine addiction!”
“What can I say!?”
“Smh my head Karen you’re such a fucking crackhead!”
by Danny Despacito July 18, 2019

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A mall grab is a way of holding your skateboard with the grip tape facing your pants, and gripping it by the trucks. It is called mall grabbing because the skate community has decided that people that hold their board like that are probably posers and carry it more than they ride it, so they carry it around a “mall” as an accessory, hence the “mall” grab. You may be wondering though why this is frowned upon as it is very obviously the most fucking comfortable way of holding the board. I’m going to get crucified for saying this but it’s true. “BUh bUh yOULL lOoSeN tHe tRuCkS” the trucks are literally shaped like fucking handles I’ve seen skate shops use trucks as door handles it is fucking PERFECT for holding but Noooooo we have to make fun of everyone that hold it in the most comfortable way because making things harder for ourselves and putting down anyone that speaks up against it is the way to fucking go because you’re all toxic gatekeepers.
Normal person: hey mall grabbing is a great convenient way to hold the board, sure it rubs against my pants but so does half the other ways of holding my board!

Fucking retard: *retard noises* wOah WhAt A poSeR. I bEt yOu moNgO puSh, pOsEr. dO yOu HaVe a tHrAsheR T sHiRt? ThAt mUst mEaN yOu caNt sKatE, tRUsT me iD kNoW bEcauSe iM a SkAteR, diD yOu kNoW tHaT I SkAtE? cAn yOu eVen dO a KickFliP. I lOvE gAy SeX!!!
by Danny Despacito September 18, 2020

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5-O, commonly written as 5’O, 5’0, 5-O, 5-0 is a slang term used by a lookout committing a crime with a group to signal that officers of law enforcement are arriving. It is commonly used by skaters who skate in groups to tell everyone to scatter.

5-O pronounced as five-Oh is the combination of the number 5 and the number zero which throughout time has been pronounced as “oh” (O). It originated from the 1968 police tv show “Hawaii 5-0” where the 5 and 0 represent the fact that Hawaii was the 50th state.
“Shit there’s cops coming”
“5-O 5-O!”
by Danny Despacito June 02, 2020

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A botter is someone who uses a bot pannel or botnet to """""hack""""". Hack is in heavy quotations because most botters don't know their hand from their ass when it comes to anything remotely related to computer hacking. Successful botters are usually raided by the SWAT and arrested extremely fast, which provides entertainment to everyone else.
Matt: Yo you hear of that "Reaper" dude in my discord server
Tim: no
Matt: Yeah he's a really skilled botter
Tim: Shut the fuck up Matt you trodlodyte
by Danny Despacito October 30, 2020

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The internet troll is a sub-human creature who is usually a sociopath. The Internet Troll, or “Troll”, has only one purpose in their life online and that is to spite, anger or sadden anyone who walks the plane of the internet. They also commonly in the earlier 2010’s have been seen toppling any structured art, community or entity on the internet by destroying it using their vast numbers. They have no loyalty, no allegiance and no agenda. Sometimes they can be seen organizing attacks, frequently on the website 4chan on the message board /b/. It goes without saying that trolls are usually racist and sexist as that provokes more reactions.
Jim: “Damn did you see Amber Heard’s comment section”
Sean: “No she disabled it”
Jim: “yeah it was full of Internet trolls attacking her”
Sean: “Stop licking my forehead Jim”
Jim: “I’m sorry”
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by Danny Despacito May 01, 2020

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