A situation in which the deck is stacked against you.

In other words you're fucked.
We're really up against it now!
by ShamrockLuva November 27, 2004
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Referring to a firing squad and many gun-execution vidoes, "Up against the wall emphasizes your will for the other person to die
"Get them Up against the wal
by Allen` January 14, 2004
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When a man and woman are having sex in the upright position, against a wall. The woman is with her back to the wall while the man faces her and deeply thrusts inside her. Usually, couples like to do this in front of a mirror. This position is good for getting the depth and roughness you crave.
I walked in on Adam and his wife while they were up-against-the-wall.
by Adam James June 10, 2007
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On the edge of your ability or capacity. Literal definition comes from being right up against a wood railing or wall with no where to go. Typically refers to being pressured, busy or at your limit.
This project has me up against the wood this week.
by seattleslang January 09, 2015
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When you are in a difficult situation in a lifetime with emotional distress.
We're desperate. We have no where to go. We have to fight our way out of this, confront what is in front of us. Our backs are up against the wall.
by alkinizor March 07, 2011
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When your wife, kids, or boss are arguing with you and you want to end it. Signaling the conversation is DEFINITELY OVER.
Used frequently by news anchors.
Wife: Baby, you know that trip I was talking about and the car I wanted, and the dinner party you said you would go to?

Husband: Sorry hon, I'm up against a hard break.
by spudsNbuds February 02, 2011
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