the most timelessly beautiful woman you'll ever meet. Malia's are energetic, positive, thoughtful, sexy, caring, and loving people. They make excellent partners too. Sensitive and passionate. Make very loyal friends. Very opinionated and stubborn but is the nicest person you will ever meet. typically brunette, amazing eyes, colorful and unique. Almost too pretty to describe. Very good taste in music, a very talented surfer. Best legs you'll see. Toned and tight. If you've found a malia, word of advice: don't let her go, you'll never find any other girl as amazing ever again!
Malia's eyes look unbelievable in the sun.


someone who is very pretty, has lots of friends, fierce, takes good pictures, good kisser, friendly, nice, loves life.
I love Malia<3
Malia is one thing j can’t miss out on u need u a malia
by Ftdbh September 18, 2018
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A Hawaiian Goddess.
Malia and I has sex on the north shore of the island of Oahu.

Malia sleeps in gold and purple sheets, a sign of royalty.

Malia is my kind of rain.
by Shoots brah March 11, 2008
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Malia is a hot smart girl Who is good at kissing. Her ass is really good. She loves to be around people. She is very good in the bed. her lips are like an angle. She likes to play sports and read. She has a lot of friends. You will fall in live with her and her ass.
Malia is awesome at soccer.
by Lilyvow January 23, 2017
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A name that Is Hawaiian,Malia is also a another way of saying spring water Malia is a lovely name for a young lady of any age
by M.whyyyy December 21, 2016
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Malia is an outgoing girl who is mostly enjoyable to be around and enjoys to laugh. She uses FaceTime often and occasionally watches try not to cry videos, but ends up crying anyways (#loser). Malia can be stubborn at times, however she has a good heart overall even though she jokes about murder constantly. Malia is an amazing bff who will stick by your side and probably run someone over one day. ;)
Random Person: Come quick! Somebody just got stabbed in the cafeteria!

Me: *gasps and looks at Malia*

Malia: *laughs*

Random Person: You are unbelievable Malia! *sprints away towards injured person*

Malia: lol
by Your Pal Patty March 19, 2019
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a hellish, wrathful goddess of Hawaiian lore bent on world destruction in order to force a new age of peace for society. Similar to the hindu deities Kali-ma or Shiva.
The Earth quaked under the vengeful wrath of Malia.
by dharmagurl October 23, 2008
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They are typically seen as very pretty and have nice bodies. Malia's are the kind of girls that you don't wanna let go because they mean the world to you. Malia usually has a big booty and tits. She is very much like a mom and will always check on you. They are amazing when you're sad. They will always help.
Wendy: WOW that girl has a nice but who is that?
Sam: Oh that's just malia
by Kalei56 May 02, 2019
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