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Malea is a girl who you'd never know what to expect from. She's easily amused, laughs alot, and always smiles. She always tries to find the good in people, she'll turn all your flaws into beauty. She looks innocent and sweet. She knows how to play the game. She will treat anyone like she would her best friend. She's a girl who you'd never want to hurt. She doesnt like crying in front of anyone and shes like a pro at fooling people into thinking everythings okay. She can make a person feel like their gold. She tells you how it is and doesnt care what other people think. Shes strong, determined, and aware of what she has got. She doesnt trust or love anyone easily. She's a great girlfriend. She's sweet, adorable, sexy, just the perfect girl. Malea is indescribable. Guys know what they have when they have her. She's a girl you'd never want to lose, and if you have her, you better hold on tight.
Guy 1: WHO IS THAT?!

Guy 2: Thats Malea :)

Guy 1: She's like a goddess.

Guy 2: Good luck trying to get her, everyone wants her.
by lolidgaf December 05, 2010
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A beautiful young lady who shows confidence in the things she does. She is wild and likes to have a good time. Sometimes she gets into a pickle but she always manages to have things work out for her. She is as beautiful as a flower!
Wow, look at that Malea, she is so beautiful!
by Britt200789 February 04, 2010
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The girl's name Malea \m(a)-lea\ is a variant of Malia (Hawaiian), and the meaning of Malea is "perhaps, probably".

I was always told my name meant wild flower, however I can't get any proof. I've seen many different spellings, Malia, Maleah, Malea, Maleeah.
President's Obama's daughter's name is Malia!!! Just another variation of Malea!
by MaleaMarie February 03, 2010
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