A man who Absolutely LOVES and Desires Women. But on the contrast does not relate to Men. As a teen he may have been very shy and could have also been view as gay because of his feminine characteristics. He is very interested in his own appearance ie: grooming, hair ,designer cloths ,etc. He does not like to watch the football Game. He would rather be talking or flirting with an attractive female. HE is not sure he wants to be a woman, but knows what he would do if he was one ,first his personality and interests would be the same, and second he could lighten up and be himself , third he would be a lesbian. He has a strong desire to please women, paticuarly the ones he is most emotionally attracted to.
If a male friend of the MALE LESBIAN has a wife or Girlfriend and His male friend and Wife or Girlfriend get into a fight, The MALE LESBIAN will almost always understand and take the side of the female.
by 2 real 4 u December 3, 2007
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The male lesbian is either a male who is wholly psychologically feminine but attracted to women, or an androgynous male whose feminine half is attracted to women.
Dave is wholly psychologically feminine. He has the soul of a woman in a man's body, but finds women attractive. Thus, Dave is a male lesbian.

Rick is an androgynous male. Hes half masculine and half feminine. Both sides are attracted to women. Thus, Rick is a male lesbian AND a heterosexual male.
by Royce Walton May 10, 2011
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A man loves woman to the highest of degree and is broken, he finds his faith/high value demeaned to the point of where that extreme regard of women becomes exposed and is opposed to and throughout the negative spectrum then loses respect for ones selfin relation to ones respect for the female gender, through out his experience in straight relationships and straight relations. in turn can not be involved in straight relations due to ones boundary's therefore is a male lesbian
Male lesbian Man Is destroyed by straight relationship/s and relations and chooses to never associate himself with a straight woman again in way of companionship, he is not gay, does not like gay porn, straight porn. one whom only enjoys pornnography of woman with women. prefers one companion
by KingOfLesbians March 12, 2013
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Something Straight Men call themselves to gain Oppression points in the Triggered Feminist Community
Ur dad is a Male Lesbian
by Transsexist September 6, 2021
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Stratis Myrivilis is one of the most well-known modern male lesbian writers.
by M. le Genevoise January 11, 2010
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