A male that acts like a Karen. See chad
Mcdonalds Worker: Hi, how may I help you
Mcdonalds Worker: *messes up food*
Male karen: I'm going to speak to the manager
Worker: You're such a male karen!
by Stupid Af June 29, 2021
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someone who when an order is wrong at a restaurant they laugh and smile and then quietly mumble "oh this is wrong" and then when asked if he wants he fixed he continues to smile whilst declining
by the big elmo September 05, 2020
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40 year old man usually wearing trump2020 hats and looks like he i on steroids usually woth his karen wife
Male Karen's wife

Karen wife sees skater him ill go ruin his dreams go freaks out on skater he gits skater and goes to jail
by Juju27377363636363 November 24, 2020
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When a guy has too many cats he gets called male Karen
"I own 6 cats, I'll be the old cat lady but as a man"
"Then you'd be a Male Karen"
by Karen550 March 29, 2020
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Richard and Karen have been together since High School.
Richard LOVES mansplaining.
Richard seems to think he's everyone's father and will give out unsolicited and/or unwanted advice or even make decisions for any female he feels needs his paternal wisdom.
Which is usually all of them.
Richard usually waits in the car while Karen is shopping, which takes a while since she often needs to talk to the manager. Richard is not happy about how those ungrateful millenial store employees treated Karen. These young kids just don't understand respect! You see, back when Richard was a boy....
Richard just mansplained to me how I've been vacuuming the floor wrong all my life. Thanks, Richard (male Karen)!!
by Kindasorta4678 May 15, 2020
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An Ian is a middle aged white man that finds it necessary to hurl abuse at women Who beleive there is an issue with male orientated violence.
"IAN" (male Karen) DEFINED

Omg that guy that told me i should Fucking die because i posted about another woman being murdered was such and Ian

That guy who said that women should cover up or it their fault they get sexually attacked and deserve it was such an Ian.

When a man mansplains

You reply "Ok Ian"
by Manko46 December 12, 2019
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