A middle aged man that complains about everything and is self entitled unrealistically. Likes to ease drop on other peoples conversations. A “taddletale”, especially in the work environment. Will stick his nose in other peoples business and make it his own because he has nothing better to do. May or may not own multiple cats. May or may not have the “Karen” do.
Male Karen: *Emails management* John was being rude to patients again.

Male Karen: *Calls apartment office* The bushes are over growing again and need to be trimmed, the trash man hasn’t been here to empty the dumpsters, I need someone to spray for spiders outside my apartment and I want to be reimbursed for buying bug spray.
by PettyLaVelle November 26, 2021
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When a guy has too many cats he gets called male Karen
"I own 6 cats, I'll be the old cat lady but as a man"
"Then you'd be a Male Karen"
by Karen550 March 29, 2020
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A male that acts like a Karen. See chad
Mcdonalds Worker: Hi, how may I help you
Mcdonalds Worker: *messes up food*
Male karen: I'm going to speak to the manager
Worker: You're such a male karen!
by Stupid Af June 29, 2021
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someone who when an order is wrong at a restaurant they laugh and smile and then quietly mumble "oh this is wrong" and then when asked if he wants he fixed he continues to smile whilst declining
by the big elmo September 6, 2020
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40 year old man usually wearing trump2020 hats and looks like he i on steroids usually woth his karen wife
Male Karen's wife

Karen wife sees skater him ill go ruin his dreams go freaks out on skater he gits skater and goes to jail
by Juju27377363636363 November 24, 2020
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Brad aka male Karen.Lowlife know it all accomplished nothing yet is the authority on all things.Like everything,name it, start discussing it be assured Brad knows.Karen supporting him. He's the brains she's the action and the one w/ any sort of declarable income, mostly to fund Brad w/all things new and cool and most definitely undeserved. Brad, a for real asswipe schmuck douche canoe.Brad who doesn't drink yet spends five out of seven days at "the bar." Brad most definitely a male Karen spent a third of his life incarcerated for scamming old women from false contracted construction jobs and incessant drug abuse, but everyone else has the issue. Brad the fattest cracksmoking greasy as$ dipshi# you prolly have ever seen. Brad the aristocrat the educated gentleman procured from imagined authority right from the trailer park.Brad as with all Karen's NarcissistBrad male Karen, produces, builds, repairs, enhances nothing. A leach, a drain on society in all ways. Brad, well known to the police, familiar w/the penitentiary, jailhouse lawyer . Brad male Karen to the max. The dumbest most clueless sack of shi# in no way do you feel sorry for him. Hated by everyone.b/c he argued w everyone..Yet continues to spew his knowledge and insight at all times. Brad from the his day forth is...the male Karen. Fuck Brad/male Karen.
Brad male Karen And here we have a a complete Brad yet again running his mouth about shi# he has no knowledge of with the aire and authority of complete confidence. There is a Brad male Karen for sure, you can tell by the cheap schmuck cologne he is soaked in, his off brand yet oddly worn and kinda ragged "nice clothes." A most perfect example of a Brad male Karen is the stereotypical used car salesman. And yes it is true, Brad male Karen has mostly been a used car salesman for employment, literally.
by Generic whiteboy October 15, 2021
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