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Popular word used to refer to people from venezuela, it can be used as a derogative word for venezuelan migrants or just as an informal term. Some venezuelans doesn't like being called veneco at all while others like to use the term to refer to themselves when talking to people from other countries.

There has been some tension between the governments from venezuela and colombia related to the use of that word. Despise of that, the word is used in all latinoamerican countries mostly as an informal term.
Guy: Have you heard about that new arepa shop that a veneco opened recently, wey(dude)?

Guy2: That sounds de puta madre(great), we should go there. I love venezuelan food.

Venezuelan guy: "Don't listen to disney! We invented the arepas! "Encanto"(the movie) is wrong! They aren't colombian! VIVA VENEZUELA, CONSHETUMARE!"
by SaquenmeDeLatinoamerica December 24, 2021
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Epic phrase said by Chávez in 2010.
"Darling, my parents will come. Pls, don't speak about politicc"

*Parents arrive*

"Maldito seas estado de Israel!"
by SaquenmeDeLatinoamerica September 27, 2021
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