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A fly, crazy, fresh, princess, ditzy, beautiful, gangster, barbie, diva, fun, irritating, badass, playertastic, indescribable; young lady who always looks her best.
not many can handle her.
someone who is talked about; on a regular basis. but doesnt give a fuckkk.
someone who knows what she deserves and won't settle for anything less.
She just floats with ease, and never struggles with anything she does.
She must always meet the expectations and live up to her rightful name of the awesomest person everyone knows.
"Damn, did you see Malaak today?" "Yeah bruh, shes lookin fine as always." :
by enasadi February 21, 2009
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Malaak is a very sweet and funny girl.She is really good at helping out her friends when they need her and doesn't let them down. Malaak has tendencies of being very organised and keeping things neat and she is also very studious. Malaak always does the right thing but despite her great attitude, she can be sensitive towards what people say to her. Malaak is amazing!!!!!
Friend Thanks for helping me out Malaak!
by Uh.Kay January 27, 2019
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A totally cool person who loves to beat Trickadors / Salvatricks in a gum popping contest.

Malaak can be found in the Amazon Forest or at your mom's house, usually hanging with Curious George.

Malaak also means Ecstasy.
Hey did u see that girl Malaak over there? she likes to beat tricks at gum popping contest! I'm scared to compete because I'm a trick... =(
by applejuice123 November 13, 2008
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