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Makyla is a strong, fun,and cute she do not take nothing from no one she is a smart and crazy girl she is impendent and loves candy
Dang makyla I did not know you were that crazy

Do you want to date
No thank you I don't want no boy on me
by Bossy...boss January 16, 2017
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A hot amazing girl. You won't want to mess with her. She's a keeper. She is very talented, nice, and sexy.
Dude, that girl is fine, her name is Makyla
by hellomother123 November 20, 2011
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if your name is makyla you are Outgoing, funny, sweet, crazy and must have some amazing siblings. you are always trusted and fun to be around. makyla's are uncommon but are you are lucky to be one!
wow, that girl is stunning her name must be Makyla!
by Cally Fredrickpony April 03, 2011
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A spoiled brat that gets whatever she wants ! She's mean to everyone an gets mad when she doesn't get her way
I don't want my kid to be a makyla
by Kodakxxblack June 26, 2017
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