A 9ft tall Swedish man that all Vikings wish they could be he you should subscribe to him on YouTube
Wow pewdipie is the absolute greatest YouTuber
by Subscribe to pewdipie February 19, 2019
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a youtube that should have more subscribers then T-series bc T-series hate his bitch lasagne and bitch lasagne is everyone’s alarm sound
pewdipie is better then T-series
by wowza666 June 8, 2019
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subscribe to pewdipie subscribe to pewdipie subscribe to pewdipie subscribe to pewdipie subscribe to pewdipie
friend 1: "hey bro did you subscribe to pewdipie?''

gay person: no
friend 1: no wonder...
by peta is trash February 27, 2019
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a normie who said the next word on stream (whiteset of white)
yo i saw a pewdipie in public today
by Dain_ollieboi_YT March 16, 2020
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"NANI someone has knocked down my tomodachi!" Says Pewdipie "Pewdipie." says shin yu "go on without me" shin yu says the man shoots him "NOOOO!!! BOKU NO TOMODACHI" Pewdipie says "What a kuso nejiuri" Pewdipie says "Im sorry tomodachi but what the fuck"
Its the battle of pewdipie vs bridge
by Vector X3 November 9, 2020
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a battle for subscribers that will end with WW3 and (hopefully) the rise of communism to defeat the horrible t series empire
i shot my neighbour over pewdipie vs t series, he deserved it
by Communist boi 68 plus 1 March 21, 2019
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