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An expression used in social media by the deceased rapper XXXTENTACION. The meaning of “makeouthill” is referring back to his hometown of lauderhill Florida and how this was an objective for him to make it out of this city of indigence. The rapper is encouraging his fans to make good of their struggles or difficult situations.
I don’t to live like this. I just want to “makeouthill.”
by jo6iah July 31, 2018
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A massive dump that takes 10 to 15 times to flush.
After Thanksgiving, I had to Take a Trump.
by JRBIV December 11, 2019
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A designated area(doesn't necessarily have to be a hill)where the neighborhood teens sneak out in the middle of the night on the weekends to touch each other. It sucks for you if one of these is near your house .
by Emma Tom April 23, 2007
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The place where xxxtentacion and his ex Geneva met he said the start of his pain
Makeouthill is xxxtentacions psn
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make out hill is when you sneek out of your house or somewhere else to hook up and touch each other in private places it does not have to be a hill it can be for example a bush or the in a bathroom you may do more than that but it’s your chose you may also have sex but that’s a different topic if you are younger than 15 you should not be doing any of this
Yo me and jack are going to make out hill you should totally come to hook up with your boyfriend
by Jai Ramirez July 27, 2018
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Rapper XXXTENTACION has the phrase "MAKE OUT HILL" on his Instagram page. My speculation is probably him wanting to MAKE OUT HELL. As you may know X had many tough times in his life and career. His goal was to evolve and become a better person, to 'MAKE OUT HELL.'
I can't wait to MAKE OUT HILL
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by Suckmyahh July 26, 2018
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