John : i swear im making so much bread at the moment

Mike: make bread no cap
by youngmikewillmadeit January 22, 2019
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another term for a yeast infection for a female.
I went to the gyn today..I guess I'm making bread.

She can't have sex, she's making bread.

Her bakery is closed, it's making bread.
by PHbearCC February 11, 2010
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a slang term for "giving head" which is also a slang term for oral sex.
T: Me and Luke were making bread last night
L: was it fun?
M: was it a big loaf?
by brookeandsharon December 23, 2009
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So John told me he and Sarah were making bread the other night and my loaf was huge.
by Classof09squad November 16, 2019
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making sense the right way and getting smart and creative along the way.
Bread= load a lot of knowledge and understanding
Head= Using your mind to see things around you. You perverts.
I don't care how boring the teacher may be but as long as he is making bread, getting head along the way it is ok with me.
by D. Klyce September 30, 2005
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Guy: I’ve been hanging out with this chick and I think that tonight we’re finally gonna make some bread.
by queenofthelocus December 24, 2020
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