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Someone who will make you smile and laugh untill you cry. The best friend you would want to have.
by 123445678 July 21, 2017
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Cutie, Eats a lot but is very small, Nice if ur nice to her, very confident, smart and is a great Best Friend🔐🤞🏾
Makaila is a very nice person🌼💋
by Itzzmeh_niyah June 15, 2019
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Pronounced mikayla
Definition: One of the most beautiful woman anyone has ever met...not just features but just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside...A chick that's ghetto but also classy , she's hurt though she doesn't always show it...tends to push thoses who love her away...guys also tend to fall deeply in love with her...
She's a makaila
by DK_3022 July 25, 2014
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Makaila would do anything for her friends. She the most caring person that listens when ever her friends have a problem. She one of a kind and always puts a smile on your face. Makaila keeps things to herself most times and doesn’t share her feelings. She is the most loyal person around. And Makaila finds herself giving too many chances to people, and she doesn’t no why. She's the greatest friend you’ll ver have, but she is the most taken for granted person. She find herself alone when she is sitting at a table with friends.
Makaila is fun.
by WiseWissOfTheHood November 03, 2019
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Someone who will be always loyal to you know matter what . Makaila is a short independent girl and to the guy who has her heart is one lucky guy because she is the most loyal and loving and is someone who will love you forever . Trough all the assumptions and worries its because she really does care . She is beautiful inside and out not just featured her heart is like gold her loyalty is pure . Shout out to this girl because she a real life goddess .
Makaila a girl who has pure loyalty .
by Landon_11Jus September 27, 2019
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makaila is a very very loyal person . Although she can be difficult at times she still is the most loving human being . She isnt all that conifdent she is chubby and cuddly , but despite her flaws she will be a good wife in the future , if you have a makaila dont let her go. She has a very sensitive heart and feelings , she is really sweet and short and has curves in the right places
makaila is a woman who is the most loyal
by Landon_11Jus September 16, 2019
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A wacky ass bitch that will knock a hoe out if needed . She doesn't care what anyone says about her and knows who she is and already has her future planned out . She is absolutely gorgeous and thick ! She is shaped like a hourglass and has all the boys drooling over her . Even though she has all the looks, smarts,guys, and she makes you laugh all the time she isn't so happy all the time . She is secretly dying inside but doesn't like to tell other people her problems to worry them so she keeps them all to herself .
by Kaii (: October 14, 2019
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