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Pronounced: "My" "Row"
A person whose actual name is Mario but they go by Mairo because it's cooler. Someone names Mairo loves playing League of Legends, in fact that's all he ever does. Mairo also has a mad obsession with cats. Mairo hates everyone because people are ignorant idiots. Mairo also has some awesome hair, everyone is jealous of it. Since he hates everyone he finds no point in talking to other people because the stupidity might spread. Did I mention he plays League of Legends? Mairo is the biggest troll in the whole world. Most Mairos tend to be Peruvian. Even though Mairo doesn't talk much he is the most boss person and is always right. Although he can be gay sometimes, he usually keeps it to himself but if not he lets it out on his close guy friends whom tend to also be gay.
Who is that guy always playing League of Legends? Oh that must be Mairo.

Wow, he has awesome hair, he must be Mairo.

Dude, I think that guy has 3482395 cats. Do you think his name is Mairo?

Mario? Don't you mean MAIRO.
by SPECIAL LAURA April 22, 2013
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a person who has done something extremely dumb, lies a lot, and everyone hates.
Ugh! Why are you being such a mairo 🙄.
by mosope 😺 September 09, 2020
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