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A girl with a unbreakable spirit. Shes a unique character who can always make you laugh. Whatever problems life throws at her none will overcome her. Likes to party loves to dance, shes caring and will always help you out if she can. She can be shy and self conscious with no need to be, but hides it well

also smoking hot!!

hey is that Mairi over there

yeah shes so beautiful, she made me go give blood with her once , i passed out but totally worth it !!
by DanielKreamCracker July 23, 2013
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a uncommon, historicaly scottish girls' name. Often mispronounced 'marie', 'mary', or 'miary' etc. much to the annoyance of the victim of name mispronounciation.
in register at school:

'mairi' (pronounced wrong)
'mairi, i know you're here, so stop messing around or you'll get a detention'
'there is no one here called mairi (pronounced wrong). my name is mairi.'
by ..::=mairi=::.. April 17, 2005
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It is shocking to know that the definition (to some sources) is "Sea of Bitterness"

What the hell? I stand for all fellow Mairi's and say that we

change the definition!!
Hey come on you idiots it is spelt M-A-I-R-I

get it god damm right next time!!
I like Orange juice, it is very refreshing! *gulp* aaaaaaaa
by Well looky here July 06, 2009
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Mairi, more commonly known as the, "Mahairywillie" can be found lurking in dark corners. She enjoys nothing more than to stalk her prey around the streets of Glasgow before she penetrates their bubbles and makes their pumpkins cry.

She is the first known creature to"ORFL" and follow this strange action by eating her own fear.
Mairi just ate her own fear!
by tabbycatrawr! June 02, 2009
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Mairi is a scottish name for a girl who has blonde hair (usually not naturally) and is often called 'meri' 'mary' and 'mayri'. After being called the wrong name by teachers for so long, Mairis tend not to correct them when they call out for 'meari'. Mairis tend to have big booties, which everyone envies, so big that people question how she manages to fit her butt in her pants! Mairis are usually annoying but also cute.
'Is that girl with the big butt mayri?'
'no i think her names mary'
by okeh March 12, 2015
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