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a rare alternate spelling of an Irish name. 'Mairen' means 'sea nymph' or 'pearl of the sea,' according to Irish lore.
Mairen, with her long brown hair flying behind her, pedaled furiously up the hill on her bike.
by fibonaccimathgenius August 18, 2010
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Mairen is the most beautiful girl you have ever seen. She’s always there for her friends even if they’re not always there for her. Her curly brown hair matches her personality perfect. She can get in a mood we’re sometimes, she thinks everyone is against her but really everyone loves her no matter what she does. She always try’s to keep everyone on the same page and happy with each other even if it ends up with her in tears.
Person one: hey have you seen Mairen around anywhere?
Person two: yea she’s over there. She’s helping her friend out with a problem.

Mairen: hey...
Person one: hey what’s up?!
Mairen: um nothing really but-
Person one- sorry Mairen my friend just called
Mairen: oh okay
by Wisheswater July 08, 2018
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