When a group of less than 10 teenage boys, usually from a country town, drive up and down the main roads of the town, to check what the happenings of the town are.
Variations include pumping music from the car (music mainies) or riding bikes up and down (bmx mainies). Before a mate gets theirs P's the most common form of a 'mainy' is a walking mainy.
Nathan and the boys took mums pulsar for a drive down to town and tried some music mainies and reverse donuts.
by D1$tR0y3r May 20, 2011
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Crazy, weird, trippy (as used by people in the San Francisco Bay Area)
ex. 1 - I took some shrooms last night and had the mainiest trip...

ex. 2 - I saw a contortionist at the circus, that shit was mainy..

ex. 3 - That bum was sayin the mainiest shit...

ex. 4 - That movie Requiem for a dream was mainy...
by Gonzo Da Grifter June 4, 2009
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when people from small hick towns (usually teens and some select older people) go back and forth numerous times on the mainstreet of their town usually waiting for everyone else to come downtown, just to kill some time or show off their trucks/ cars
I'm bored let's go pop some mainies and see who's downtown.
by hikchick January 21, 2007
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cool or awesome (as used by people in Pittsburg, CA.)
My new bong is hella mainy bro.

Last night i got so drunk, i peed in my bed. It was so not mainy bro.
by ashhaspms247 January 22, 2006
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Related to Mainiac. When you loose it. To trip out. Go crazy.
Arturo went mainy in Aikido last night and threw one of his classmates through a window. What a beast.
by Kwasi August 17, 2004
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Drivng your car, (preferably a pulsar) riding a bike or walking down a main road. Also there are music mainys.
Me and my boys drove ma pulsar doing some mainys.

Did a walking mainy down Hollyrood Court.
by anthonyanthonyanthony May 12, 2011
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when a group of adolescent male humans drive along the main road or 'main strip' in a city in a car, with the purpose of observing the local female humans, or to 'show off' the prowess of their motor vehicle
"hey lets take the car out for a couple of mainy's, and pick up some bitches"
by kiwi42 November 17, 2011
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