Maille is a girls name most popular in Europe. Maille is a sporty girl with a lot of personality. She's funny, nice and down-right insane but everyone loves that about her. She gets attention from guys but she'll have nothing of it.
Boy #1: should I ask Maille on a date?
Girl #1: nah she would rather play soccer.
by smile888 December 26, 2015
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uncommon name for le monke cult members. legends are named maille because they can beat anyone in minecraft or cod, and they’re especially good at cod zombies.
person: “i just ate ass.”

me: “did u eat maille’s ass??,’”
by uhhh ohhh stinky October 19, 2019
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The act of having dirty sex with the postman.
The act of the postman sticking his 'mail' in your box
"What did you do do last night Megan?"

"Oh, the postman just came over and gave me a maille"
by ChristinaKrem September 4, 2007
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