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She's fucking beautiful. She's really smart, funny, athletic, and logical. She either plays volleyball or softball. Everyone likes her, even if they pretend to hate her. She's really smart in math, and is a strong reader and writer. She's really sweet and sensitive too. She loves hanging out with guys and will be there for you no matter what. She's a loyal girlfriend and she always supports any action. Mahika's may be really funny and witty on the outside but on the inside she's pretty depressed. She's very insecure and is really aware about people's opinions about her, and she's always wondering about her actions after she's done them. Mahika might be depressed (you may see a few cuts on her arm or leg). She's probably in LGBT (as mentioned before, and is loves everyone. She sees the beauty in people.
Mahika's usually a hardcore animal lover. She probably owns a cat or dog of her own! She loves all animals and animal abuse is what she's trying to get rid of in the world. She's very passionate about the things she stands up for, and she's great at arguing. Even though she may have beef with people, she will easily resolve it and make it no big deal. Mahika's very mature, and she has great fashion sense. She's handles problems like an adult. If you're friends with a Mahika, beware of all the cursing you're going to receive, cause she curses a lot! But she's chill and she never misses a chance to speak her mind out.
You see Mahika over there? I wish I was her friend
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A amazing and wonderful dancer,actor,and singer who is very generous and nice and sees the good in people!
wow you are very Mahika!!!
by Dancing_unicorn 111 August 06, 2016
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A beautiful dancer who is very smart and acts like a unicorn!!!
wow your very Mahika today!!!
by Dancing_unicorn 111 August 08, 2016
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The best person you will ever meet. A straight up badass that will behead you and shoot your beheaded head. Basically a gargoyle riding a rainbow.
by Ur mom super Saiyan gay May 29, 2018
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