A member of the former upper house in either the Polish or Hungarian parliament. One holding exclusive power and authority such as autocratic regimes.
"Hey Chuck, how did it go with your word submission to the Urban Dictionary?"

"Not so great Bob. They rejected my submission again and never offered any explanation."

"Really? Dang it! I thought you sent them an actual rare but true slang word?"

"I did but it doesn't matter. The Urban Dictionary is now a MAGNATE and they only include words that their friends write."

"Geez… That's too bad. Sounds like they've become oppressive at the end of the day. "

"They are, which is why THIS will never be published."

booty cunt fuck off dildo nazi
by dildohammer November 13, 2011
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Magnatize simply means Hooking up, or "having sex" in old school terms. Magnatize is a clever term most often used in the club scene as a way for a man to inform his current dance partner he would like to proceed in inserting his cock into at least one of her sex holes sometime that night.
(Random Techno music in the background)
Man: "Hey baby, you wanna magnatize"

Blonde: "Wow, you're classy. Of course I want your meat plowing me, but only if you promise to empty your balls in my mouth.
by CockSlapArt.com April 2, 2009
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To be attracted to a certain location or object.
We always magnatate towards this certain location or object.
by Maria Valdez March 19, 2007
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the drawing together of two positive poles
Dewey had a great magnaticity twards Angela.
by angewey May 5, 2006
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Magnate, in the sense of Morgan and Vanderbilt, who are very well known for controlling a vast majority of influence in their respective industries. Here, "chick magnate" refers to one man's near-domination of the female population in an average city-sized geographical area.
Girl you're dating: "Hey, do you know Riff Bankston?
You: "Oh, that chick magnate? What about him?"
GYD: "I think we should have a threesome with him."
by Dr. Tim Korn July 7, 2012
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