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Magium is a text adventure RPG style Choose your own adventure game made by a single person and it's on the playstore, appstore and has an e-book and also a paperback version of the first book.
Person 1 : Hey, have you played the Text Adventure game "Magium"?
Person 2 : No I have not, is it fun?
by Eltacore June 04, 2018
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A CYOA created by a Romanian fellow known as 'Cris', internet alias; blackwhirlwind.

It revolves around an average joe named Barry on his quest to win a tournament the prize of which would allow him to pursue his aspirations of becoming a wizard, as he is incapable of becoming one through any other means, it appears.

Standard fantasy stuff with a few subversions of the trope. It would be insignificant if it were not for than Cris' openness to community feedback and it still being in development, with the full release being scheduled ~5 years from now, as of this writing.

It has a subreddit and kickass Discord server, the former of the two Cris is somewhat active on and concisely humors the community's collective autism, bless his soul.
The newest Magium chapter is gonna be released next Friday, author says!
by Vicattie=/=God June 02, 2018
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I just shidded and camed in my pants cos there is a new chapter of magium out
by Monty the red June 12, 2018
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