I don't know I'm just here from his new GangPlank video :P
"MagikarpUsedFly -A asshole on youtube that is bad at League of Legends" Fuck you man.......
by r4z3 April 13, 2017
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Very good league of legends player and commentator, go check out his amazing channel at youtube and search Magikarp used fly.
MagikarpUsedFly is a amazing lol player and is a good person and is funny.
by Magikarp is hot March 28, 2018
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A faggot League of Legends youtuber. He's known for his porn edits because that's where he got all his editing skills
You know MagikarpUsedFly?
-No, who is he?
That faggot league youtuber.
-Oh yea I remember now!
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Just a god ... He is a league of legends youtuber but not only ! He make many videos about games and random stuffs about he's life he also have a vlog channel ..

Sorry for my bad English im from France ! Love u Matt !
Me : Hey u know MagikarpUsedFly ?
My Friend : Nope who is him ?
by TheCutieFoxy October 16, 2017
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