While phonetically the same as magic, the usage of this spelling denotes that the writer is either (1) an elementary school student who's flunking Spelling (possibly the rebellious type too hip to study or believe in Santa Clause), or (2) a young or full grown adult who refuses to grow up and believes that magic is real (possibly due to the childhood trauma of learning that Santa Clause wasn't real; as a result the victims immersed themselves into a world of utter fantasy, a more secure one that's much more difficult to disprove).
Rodney Wrong: Heck! Miss Preachy, I got a D on my spelling test.

Miss Preachy: That's because you misspelled some words. See there, magic is m-a-g-i-c, and there is no "k".

Rodney Wrong: But I saw it spelled like this just the other day, in a published book called "Magick for Morons" and I...

Miss Preachy: Don't lie to me! No educated full grown adult would ever publish a book, even if it was nonsense, if they misspelled magic; now would they?

Rodney Wrong: But...

Miss Preachy: SILENCE!

Rodney Wrong: ...@$#%!...

Miss Preachy: You know what, Rodney? My parent-teacher conference with your mother is coming up. Maybe I can tell her about what a naughty, NAUGHTY boy you've been. On top of that, maybe Santa Clause won't bring you any presents this year, maybe...

Rodney Wrong: {sobbing loud} That's fine because momma already told me that Santa Clause isn't real! {Rodney proceeds to kick Miss Preachy in her shin and runs out of the room crying}

- - - - - - -

Naive Ned: Cool, you guys brought your cards. What are you playing? I brought my Legolas and Gimli decks. Down for some L-O-T-R R-P-G?

Waldo Warlock: We're not PLAYING anything. We're doing magick, magick with an i-c-k. This is serious business. {scoffs} There's more to life than Lord of the Rings.

Naive Ned: Yeah right, my name isn't Gullible Gunther. I've been at this gaming stuff a long time to know that Magic the Gathering IS a game, and it IS spelled with an i-c, not an i-c-k. It's cool though, I've got my Magic the Gathering cards with me as well, my special artifact deck.

Wendy Wicca: We're not playing anything. We're actually doing Tarot, it's fortune telling using cards. We're using the systems, traditions, and powers of old to foresee a time outside the realm of the present.

Naive Ned: Yeah right, game over, I'm calling your bluff. You aren't fortune telling and you aren't playing Magic the Gathering. I can see you're playing L-O-T-R R-P-G. See, he's got a Galdalf deck and she's got an Eowyn deck, cards are kind of big though.

Waldo Warlock: Pfft! Eowyn of Rohan, daughter of Eomund and Theodwyn, sister of Eomer. Pfft! A thirty dollar deck she got at Barnes and Noble. She might as well be using a pinochle deck. The future will be here before she foretells anything. {scoffs} My White Wizard Gandalf deck is far superior. I bought it for almost two-hundred dollars on E-Bay, it was well worth it.

Wendy Wicca: Be careful what you say about my deck, WALDO. I'm liable to trap your soul in this here crystal and throw it into the sea.

Waldo Warlock: {While Waldo and Wendy exchange words, Ned reaches for the White Wizard deck, Waldo notices and slaps his hand away} DO-NOT-TOUCH! You'll taint my deck with your non-believer energy. Wendy, could you please prepare some red sage, garlic and wormwood? I need to sprinkle some on his feet and forehead to dispel whatever evil spirit that possesses him. Let's do it quickly, I have to go home and do my chores.

Wendy Wicca: Jeez Waldo, just put your foot down to your mother and tell her, "Look, I'm twenty five years old and I'll come and go as I please."
by Dagmar Geech May 5, 2005
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Old spelling of the word magic.
Now used by wanna-blessed-be's.
I use Olde Magick! OMG!!!one
by SV December 15, 2004
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Something that; although you might be tempted to believe, just isn't real. Like free health care.
I don't care what the witch's manual says, it's all fake. Honestly? Do you TimeWarner would really print something like that?
by Johnny Pseudonym July 30, 2005
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Not to be confused with stage "magic." Magick is art of utilizing natural forces around us to bring about change. Magick is neutral, neither good, nor evil. The practitioner decides how they would like to focus this natural energy.
I saw this cool QR code that I scanned and it took me to this super cool definition.
Welcome to MAGICK$.
by MAGICK$ October 12, 2020
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A term described for a subsect of "Blackened Psychedelic Heavy Metal", the originator of the term is the DEATH FETISH YouTube channel, being used in reference to Assassination from Germany, Black Magick SS from Australia and Behrosth from Russia, Three bands that all take own their own interpretations of the Genre with similar structure.

Recurring patterns in the Sub-Genre are Black Metal Vocals, NWOBHM or Doom Metal guitar work, 70s and 80s Hard Rock influences. Though it isn't necessary to be described as "Magick Metal" Through this, it a general rule of thumb, as instrument choice is important to, such as the use of an Organ or Synth.

There is also both Occult Rock and Psychedelic Rock Artwork Influence too, such as The use of Psychedelic Patterns and Designs, in contrast to more Black & White designs seen in Black Metal.
Edelweiss and Atlantean Blood are not Magick Metal
by The Grand Fool of Foolishnesss December 18, 2021
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boop magick is a term brittney boop came up with...its whatever makes you cool, it has double meanings...it can be said after saying or doing something dope the magick that makes boop dope;)
i just got my nails done...boop magick or he loves that boop magick i got...
by brittney boop December 11, 2010
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(also called KAOS or Current 156)
a magickal spirituality with little or no set-in-stone ritual,dogma,deities, or any other object of faith to which the initiate is bound. The chaos magician only places faith in himself. It is generally agreed among chaos magicians that magick is a process of the psyche, not a nebulous 'spirit' or some such thing. All older magickal paths are seen by chaos initiates as different forms of the same psychic process, which may be imitated with any and all forms of ritual and symbolism that hold a personal meaning for the magician. Gods and ceremonial equipment, if present at all, are seen as symbolic, psychological tools used as vehicles into the magician's inner potential. Once this potential is fully realized, the God of use may simply be tossed aside.

Chaos magick finds its origin partially in the 'sigil working' of Austin Osman Spare. In this form of magickal practice, the magician creates a symbol, or sigil, representing a goal or desire. Using any method he/she chooses, the magician then goes into a trance state wherein the sigil is the sole object of consciousness. after the climax of this trance state is done with, the sigil is to be "banished", or forgotten, so that the goal it represents will ingrain itself into the unconscious mind of the caster.
Some sources have it that the history of chaos magick runs further back. Such sources trace it to the anti-witchcraft hysteria of medieval Christian Europe, in which witches would have to invent new methods of magick so that they would not be caught doing obviously magickal ritual.

The first major occultist to write about these ideas calling them 'chaos magick' was Peter Carroll in his books Liber Null and Psychonaut. Far-out writer William S. Burroughs is also known for his invocation of Arabic gods by chaotic methods. Comic artist Grant Morrisson has also written extensively on the subject. Phil Hine's chaotic path revering Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep, and other gods from the Lovecraftian mythos has become widely popular, almost to the point of becoming a traditional path in itself.

Even chaotic magick has its own organizations. The most popular one is called the Illuminates of Thanateros. The dual nature of their god (eros,love and life+Thanatos, death and the will to die) brings to mind the Gnostic yin-yang-ish deity Abrasax.
Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth, a splinter group led by artist, musical pioneer, cultural engineer, and "pandrogyne" Genesis P-Orridge, places a high emphasis on sigil work focused on the liberation of the individual from conditioned modes of thought, as well as bringing about a world of absolutely free artistic expression. They show a strong preference for masturbation as sigil work, and hold both the male and female ejaculants as sacred. The Church of the Subgenius, which deifies Bob the used car dealer, puts out sarcastically toned texts and seems to be focused on pranks.
A good Chaos magick ritual may be the invocation of Batman in order to escape an enemy's threat.
by IntestinePoet February 2, 2006
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