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1. A character from the novel, the Lord Of The Rings. Eomer (traditionally spellt with a pronunciation mark between the 'E' and 'R'/ he is also known as Erkanbrand, apparently)is the nephew of King Theoden of Rohan. And, by the third and last installment of the series, his successer after Theoden met his end at the hands of the Witch King at Pelennor Feilds. Illustrated as a stout man and a fierce and fearless fighter, he was one of the few men to walk from the battle of Pellenor and the Black gates unscathed.
2. Also, the character Eomer is portayed in the New Line Cinema's adaptation of the novel by the actor Karl Urban.
J.R.- Ya' know, I was surprised that nobody wrote up anything on Eomer. So I thought I would pick up the slack, since Eomer so cool and Karl Urban's so sexy. If anybody wishes to add anything else, go right on ahead.
Kid #2: Like how you're a total fucking dick deployer? Jeeze', like anyone could add anything to your lousy fucking love poem. Geek.
Kid #1: You forgot to mention Eomer's sister, Eowyn.
Kid #2: ... God dammnit.
by Supermanchild January 03, 2004
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