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Magdiel is a thicc, nice, happy, funny, trustworthy and lovable person. He makes everyone laugh with his dumb jokes and whenever he doesn’t do anything funny it’s still hilarious. A very humble person with a lot of friends. Has had selfish ex’s who got jealous of one particular friend. Is annoying at times but is beloved by everyone still. Tends to get serious at times but stills has a heart no matter what. Is always there for you and can you can count on his when ever you need. Loves Zelda, baseball, family and close friends. They know who I’m talking about. But yeah, he’s a really cool guy when you meet him.
Magdiel is thicc, nice, happy, funny, trustworthy and a lovable dude, dude.
by Schnieduchken May 22, 2018
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The smallest penis a man could have. He is very annoying and does not stop playing Fortnite. He is also very gay at times.
He stole a tv, guess it's Magdiel again!
Stop stealing my Fortnite kills Magdiel.
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by Aye.IAmMiguel April 11, 2019
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A mexican boy that looks like a gurl and has a high pitched vioce who likes girls and is often shy and quiete with with yellow teeth and often eats lots of junk food
That little boy must be a magdiel
by Da_one$$$$ December 03, 2016
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