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A male who holds onto issues and is not equipped to handle conflict. This type of person tends to jump to conclusions and will not give you the benefit of doubt. His need for acceptance is so high that he will overstep boundaries but will not own up to his wrong doing. The only way you can have a cordial dialogue with this type of person is to feed his ego.
Girl 1: Augh...I have a meeting with magazine rack.

Girl 2: Good luck, remember to call him by his name, and try to be nice to him or you will hurt his feelings, again.
by Grasshopper77 July 16, 2018
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When your standing at the magazine rack and someone lets out a hellacious SBD fart that sends everyone fleeing for their life.
I didn't get a chance to look at this month's copy of Import Tuner, because it stunk so bad when Stump magazine racked me.
by Samurai-X October 07, 2003
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Someone with emotional baggage, personally disorders, attitude problems etc. The label of "magazine rack" comes on account of them having plenty of issues.
Me: So I was thinking about trying to hook up with Felicia from accounting.

Co-worker: I wouldn't if I was you, she's crazy, a total magazine rack.
by Rumpleforeskin August 21, 2016
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