A strong independent woman. She is very smart and technical, once you become friends with her you and her will always be friends. Madonna is a very trusting woman, you can always talk to her, you can always laugh with her. Madonna is one of the funniest people you will ever meet. She loves going out for adventures and seeing the world. She is also very down to earth most the time! But be careful if you get in her/her friends bad side, she will go full beast mode
Guy: who’s that?
Girl: That’s Madonna!
Guy: ohhhhh yeah she’s cool!

Girl: she sure is.
by Katilyn hadders January 20, 2021
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A dumb 1990's slut who makes bad music.
Hey man, you heard that new Madonna album?
by Destroyer902 February 4, 2019
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A type of punishment given to people for sins of their childhoods.

A way parents escape their least loved children.
Even sec man has more rights than the students in Madonna university, Nigeria.
by Acetaminophena October 21, 2023
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Madonna Salamella is an Italian imprecation not very much in vogue but it is certainly very creative
Madonna Salamella can be used in various contexts such as:
- after getting hurt (ex Madonna Salamella! What a pain, damn all saints)
- as a surprise eclamation (ex Madonna Salamella garnished with ketchup for how long we do not see each other!)
- when you want to blasp all the foxes
by Ggino April 25, 2018
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Madonna is a common word in a 360 noscoper bimbominkia dimmerda, anyway, "salamella" is a common peace of meat in the italian popular food colture and it's called madonna salamella as all other types of food.
Examples are
- Madonna Sanguinaccio (Madonna Black Pudding)
-Dio fungo (Dio mushroom)
-Eva la cipolla (Eva the onion)
-Dio cinghiale (Dio Wild Boar)

Some examples in sentences:
- Quando cazzo impari un po' a stare al mondo Dio cinghiale
-Per me Madonna salamella, dio fungo, eva la cipolla, non sono bestemmie sono solo altri tipi di DII di culture a noi sconosciute Cit. Cicciogamer89
by TommySmusi_ June 15, 2018
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The art of comparing the Holy Madonna to the italian salami as an insult.
oh Madonna Salamella ur so ugly! - Oh Madonna Salamella quanto sei brutta!
by NANABIBI95 February 24, 2018
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