The most gorgeous girl in the world. The girl who can always make anyone smile, and is an amazing musician. Madisons are definetely wife material, Madisons can right any wrong and end up being an amazing golfer. Madisons can be a little blonde at times, but it's always good for a laugh. Madisons are definitely worth your time.
Wow she's BEAUTIFUL, her name must be Madison!
by GolferNic February 10, 2013
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Madison's typically have blonde hair and blue eyes. Madison's are gorgeous girls. If you are friends with Madison hold on to her forever. You will never find a friend who is a good friend like her. Madison's are great girlfriends and like long relationships. Madison's are simply amazing in every way. They are extremely talented. Awkward and weird at times, but very fun to hang around. Madison's are the best. All the boys be dreamin bout her. Madison's have nice asses and have a lot of sass. Like daaayyyuuummmm.
Bob: Yo dude!! I'm dating hat chick Bridget!
Billy: Who cares?! I'm dating Madison!!
Bob: ......
by Pixy_dust_magic November 16, 2013
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totally hottttt!! athletic, blonde hair blue eyes lots a friends, easy to get along with. outgoing gets along with everyone has a few best friends. tall, amazing, sexy, always there when people need her. if you're a teen with this name you must be pretty dam hot! everyone wishes they were like you.
oh. my. god. madison is hot!!!
by m&m's:)yum July 28, 2010
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Madison is originally a Masculine name as it means "son of Maude" but it is commonly given to girls. Madison's comes in a lot of different shapes and colours, the usual female look is Brown or Blonde mid-to-long hair and Blue eyes. I can tell you that as a boy named Madison, it isn't easy finding a accurate description of my looks. Me myself have naturally a lot of colours in my hair and a pair of greyish green eyes. Madison's are often very noticeable as they like to stand out. They are usually very funny, wierd in a way and pretty intelligent.
Ey they're so funny, they must be a Madison.

Wow, you're so smart! Oh your name is Madison? Heh, then i should've guessed! ;)
by Brophaner April 02, 2017
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The perfect girl. She is truly beautiful but doesn't think so. Madisons are amazing, funny, kind, loving, perfect, gorgeous, hot as hell, sexy and make the perfect girlfriends. Everyone loves them. If you have one as a friend, never piss them off or they will be a bitch. They are great friends though.
Guy 1: "Did you see Madison today? She was hot as hell!"
Guy 2: "Yeah. She is soo sexy"
by SexGodess4576 January 02, 2014
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Madison is a beautiful amazing sexy girl with brown hair and brown eyes. She is fun outgoing witty extremly lovable and strong. SHe knows when somethings not right and will kick some ass if needed. All the guys want her but she is hard to please. She dosent let her guard down easily. If you find ur self a Madison , take her and hold her tight. This is the type of girl you by presents for. DOnt let her go easily!
Madison is the most beautiful amazing girl in the world
by S.S.Swag December 12, 2011
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A Madison, whether a boy or a girl, is a person that is 100% worth your time. They are interesting, usually in a quirky, weird way. They mesmerize you, being noticably attractive and appealing. They are often more brainy than athletic, though they haven't got a bit of common sense. They may seem angelic or unreal at times. In a word...stunning.
"She's a good girl, loves her momma. Loves Jesus, and America too. She's a good girl, crazy 'bout Elvis. Loves horses, and her boyfriend too."
^John Mayer even wrote about Madison!
by NotMadison12 December 13, 2010
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