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The most attractive girl in school. Dark, beautiful, funny, and smart. The best friend you will ever have and the most entertaining person you will ever meet. SEX IS EMBODIED IN THIS GIRL!
Joe: Dude, my girlfriend is such a Madhuri

by lesbiansagree November 20, 2011
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A term used to describe one who unduely oversleeps like a hibernating bear. yes.. we all do it...
Ella slept in till 3 in the avo - what a madhuri!
by Jim Kasey October 20, 2003
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Name given to a short Indian girl with a very high voice and who thinks is right about everything. Her thinking she is right automatically makes her wrong. See also penis.
Madhuri makes me want to put a bullet in my own head.
by risto1116 November 23, 2006
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the most annoying person you will ever meet in your life.
"Oh dude i was just cornered by the most annoying girl i've ever met." said Jim
"Was her name madhuri?" asked Kacey
"yes. actually it was." said Jim
by lovely_angel4083 August 05, 2009
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