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Located in southeastern Pennsylvania, Great Valley High School is best known for the Mad Dumper: A student who believes in the beauty of the fecal matter he expunges from his sphinctor. Rubbing it all over the walls of school, this heroe has brought forth a better understanding of our true selves and reminds us of the age old question: Why does corn stick to my doo-doo?
"The Mad Dumper struck again! There is poo all over the boy's bathroom. I swear to God, I think it was Rita Jones" -Billy Ray Cyrus (GVHS class of 2002)
by Franklin Delano Roosevelt December 14, 2004
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Revived from the year 2004.. In 2016 there was yet another mad dumper.. Shitting in the stalls clearly on the floor for everyone to see! Though he was never thwarted, we fear the day he shits again, once again.. Answering the age old question as to why corn sticks to our doo-doo.
Student: Uh.. Ms. Barben! The mad dumper is back again! There more corn filled poo on the floor!

Ms. Barben: God dammit, I'm trying to teach World History and this fucker is taking shits on the floor..!
by BluntsMcGee May 13, 2016
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