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Fat Joe is the only non-black person in the universe who isn't called a racist by saying "muh niggas". Fat Joe is the love child of Porky Pig and Jennifer Lopez. He is perhaps the ugliest human alive, yet we love him because he is obese... as long as he's at a safe distance from us and our dinner plates.
"I can't look at Fat Joe because it makes me want to yank my eyes out and rub icy hot on my crotch"
"Fat Joe is SOOOO cute! I'd totally fuck him, hes a teddy bear!"
by Franklin Delano Roosevelt December 21, 2004
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A term used by Slut A to Slut B, referring to a battle royale. Normally when Slut A beleives that Slut B has gotten pregnant by Slut A's white trash boyfriend and she would like to have a brawl in the school gymnasium. Originated in 2004 in a high school cafeteria.
"I want my Fawa, Bitch"
by Franklin Delano Roosevelt December 13, 2004
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The greatest Jewish comedian alive? Uh, quite possibly! Not... Uh derp!
"Heh-heh, Rob Schneider was an animal. Then he was a woman. And now, Rob Schneider is -- A STAPLER! And he's about to find out -- that being a stapler -- is harder than it looks! Rob Schneider is -- THE STAPLER! Rated PG-13."

"Heh-heh, Rob Schneider is a Wall Street executive, with everything going for him. Only problem is -- he's about to become -- A CARROT! It's 24-carrot comedy! Rob Schneider is -- A CARROT! Rated PG-13."

"Heh-heh, Rob Schneider, derp dee derp! Derp dee derpittee derpee derp! Until one day, a derpa derpa durba derp! Derp dee derp, -- da teetley tum! From the creators of -- DER -- and -- TUM TA TITTALY TUM TERPA DERP, Rob Schneider is -- DA DERP DEE DERP DA TEETLEY DERPEE DERPEE DUMB. Rated PG-13."
by Franklin Delano Roosevelt December 30, 2005
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Abbreviation of cankles.
An ebonics phrase used by black folk (or people who believe that they too, are black)to describe the fatty build up around the lower area of their legs. You see, little one, the morbidly obese have no differentiation between their calves and ankles, therefore "CANKLES" or CANKS for short.
M-giggly: B-doc, you can't wear those flood pants when we go to the carnival!
B-Doc: Well Why the jizzle-dizzle not?
M-giggly: your canks be showin! youz nasty! Im gonna get me some watermelon and biscuits!
by Franklin Delano Roosevelt December 21, 2004
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1. Meteorologist on the Delaware Valley's channel 10 NBC news. He makes promotional commercials featuring his mom and he enjoys a super silly bow tie now and again... or everyday.

2. Someone who makes up innaccurate information for a living, while looking like a douche doing it.
1. Hurricane Schwartz just made a cheeky joke about precipitation. Oh Hurricane!

2. Meteorologists, lawyers, and catholic priests are all considered hurricane schwartzes
by Franklin Delano Roosevelt March 8, 2005
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1. Jamaican restaurant franchise found all over the world. (Sometimes called the Krusty Krab)
2. Reffering to an eatery in south Philly that you will not be returning to at a later date due to the bulletproof glass they serve you from and the fact that the food tastes like human feet.
3. A meeting house for murderers, rapists, and the crazy homeless.
1. I love eating the jerk chicken at the Golden Crust
2. Dude, I think someone jerked off on my chicken from the Golden Crust
3. Brian and I tried to contain ourselves while at the Golden Crust from laughing at the large black man singing "The freaks come out at night"
by Franklin Delano Roosevelt December 13, 2004
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Located in southeastern Pennsylvania, Great Valley High School is best known for the Mad Dumper: A student who believes in the beauty of the fecal matter he expunges from his sphinctor. Rubbing it all over the walls of school, this heroe has brought forth a better understanding of our true selves and reminds us of the age old question: Why does corn stick to my doo-doo?
"The Mad Dumper struck again! There is poo all over the boy's bathroom. I swear to God, I think it was Rita Jones" -Billy Ray Cyrus (GVHS class of 2002)
by Franklin Delano Roosevelt December 15, 2004
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