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A very handsome and adorable man. Always laughing and enjoying life. You never see a Maclain not being protective and will love you with all his heart. He's smoking hot in glasses and even though he might be dramatic sometimes he always knows how to cheer you up. He gets along with everybody and is one of the best guys you will ever meet. He's also a amazing boyfriend and has perfect blue eyes you can get lost in.
Girl 1: My boyfriend is so hot oh my gosh he told me I looked hot!

Girl 2: Well look at my guy Maclain in glasses and he always says i'm beautiful.

Girl 3: OMG i'm so jealous! He's so hot

hot tall cute protective perfect amazing futureboyfriend
by Yogirl2121 October 03, 2013
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She is naturally the most beautiful or "Roll out of bed pretty" person you will ever see.

She is ALWAYS in a good mood and makes you smile no matter what.

Anytime you are with her there is never a dull moment!
I would totally would die to have a Maclain.
by Southern Magic Man November 08, 2010
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