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A girl named mackayla is a person who is generous and always dependable and responsible.. Mackayla's are always there to back u up on things and they are also very beautiful people and the deserve to be treated with respect.... So if u have a mackayla in your life hold on to her and don't mess up ur friendship because u never know if u will get her back and believe me it's not worth the risk of losing ur best friend just because u want to do something stupid
Mackayla has always been thee for me when I need her...
by CountryGirl2014 March 12, 2014
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Happy. Amazing. Beautiful. Mackayla's are the best people you can ever find. They're perfect.
Dang, whoever Mackayla is with, is the luckiest person ever. Fictional included.
by JustADork14 April 23, 2017
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A girl that is in love with a boy named Rhys.

You are the thing that keeps my heart beating. You make me breathe even though when I am with you I feel breathless. You make my heart flutter as if 1000 butterflies just decided to fly at once inside me. When you kiss me, I fall in love with you even more and when you pull away, I struggle to open my eyes. I watch all these movies with all these amazing romances and compare them to ours and just sit there and think, they just can't possibly compare to us. Just thinking about you . . . even now, makes me smile. I am always smiling around you always smiling when I'm thinking about you. When I'm away from you I can't bring myself to smile. I always want to grab my phone and text you just to know if you're thinking about me too. I have had boyfriends before. . . But none, not one has made me feel the way you make me feel. I know for a fact that I am in love with you, this doesn't feel like a little high school, or a school kid relationship. This is the real deal, I see us getting married and spending our lives together. I love you so much Rhys. This is a forever thing. <3

<3 Rhys and Mackayla for life :)
That girl "Mackayla" sure does love Rhys
by MackaylaLOVE August 14, 2010
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