Pepper-sprayed. Attacked with Mace spray. Mace is the commercial name of a "self-defence" (or rather attack) spray, used here as a verb.
"I got maced for no reason, I couln't see and breath".

"Pulling each other's hair and macing constitute typical woman fight moves".
by Murkymo May 30, 2017
Term for being very drunk
1. I am so f*cking maced right now.
2. Look at Tom, he is as maced as a peasant.
3. I would not have slept with that 60 year old hoe if i wasn't so maced.
by kingba February 25, 2007
Macee is the kind of girl with lots of friends and a slight attitude. She’s sassy but sweet. Macee is smart. Macee tends to like boys around her age and her height. Many people adore and love her.

Macee is not afraid to be herself. And although she can get annoyed quickly and she’s SUPER loud she is the kind of friend you want in your life. Macee is extremely talented and is always trying new things to expand her experience even if she isn’t good at her new “hobby”.

If you meet a Macee NEVER let her go. Because she is the best listener, and will always be there when you need her
Macee is sweet.
by Gabi409 January 6, 2018
Macee is a very pretty girl who loves her friends and family! All the guys love her and want to be hers but she only loves one. Macee is great at everything she does . Also she is very sporty!
Was that an angel?

No the was Macee!
by queenangel January 9, 2018
Macee is a bright beautiful girl with many people b who adore and love her. She is very athletic and doesn't mind being by herself. She is one of the most caring people you will ever meet. And very nice in the eye!
Macee is beautiful
Macee is smart
Macee stands out because she is wonderful!
by classactthatsme March 30, 2015
macee is a bunch of things. rude, hateful and dishonest is not one of those things. she is my best friend and i can not live with out her. she is my whole world i cant find anyone to replace.
bro are you friends with macee.

no im bestfriends with her.
by mloob March 14, 2020
A heavy spiked metal club used for breaking heads, a suitable substitute for the pepper spray.
So I pulled out my mace....he's in hospital right now.
by caxwl May 25, 2004