To Bernie Mac someone: to catch a person so completely unawares as to absolutely decimate them.

Does not necessarily need to be a physical assault, but a vicious triple pimp slap combo is the archetypical essence of the move.
"Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, and fuck you....I'm out." - 'Julio' from Half-Baked

The Bernie Mac.
by stochastic mime March 20, 2013
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A hoe who sucks cock on Roblox makes up her age acts like a pussy but she's only in 5th grade a Roblox gang banger who hangs out at gdk city will sell her pussy for 5 dollars will eat dick/pussy for clout

~~~~~~~if this gets popular I will be willing to sell her 50$ per hour have a great day

Made by owner Nasty_bandz
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The best part of the Mac and cheese pan. Right in the middle away from the evil corners of the pan.
Grandma: Here you go baby, just like you like it!
Grandson: Ayyye grandma blessed me with the middle mac!
by iamanthonydean March 25, 2019
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A wild man who's not scottish but neither is he a full asian. No real definition of his identity but this makes it special. Means a person who's cool, not scottish, kind of indonesian but most importantly enjoys life.
by gvaishob June 06, 2017
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easy mac specifically made with a coffee maker by putting no filter in and just heating the water, letting it sit, drain and then eat. only the most desperate college kids eat this.
What’s for dinner?”
Yeezy mac

by bitchesgetdied November 23, 2017
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