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Abbr. for Man With A Gun
'Duck! That MWAG is a total idiot!'
by nancyxgirl January 06, 2009
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Mwag = Mwah + Swag

a kiss with swag
Rami: Girl, you're so fine, i'll catch you later, dress to impress

Roanne: Boy, i always impress, Mwag
by Roanne Banane April 02, 2013
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another word for fuck, easily said around peers or your better half. stated the same way you would use fuck in a sentence.
Sitting in a nice restaurant

Frank: you look very pretty tonight
Lauren:yea whatever
Frank: dont whatever me
Lauren:Mwag you
Lauren: "developes tears"
by Big juicy Franks October 29, 2008
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