A beautiful girl,very gorgeous, who doesn't take shit from no one. She likes to chat on the phone at times. An independent person. Who may have gone out with allot of guys but isn't a whore. Oh yea, a paticular roanne rocks a nicholas's world :

She is a roanne,
Wish I was roanne
by LiddohDj April 10, 2009
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Genius,eccentric,funny,beautiful, the best friend you'll ever have, always smiling, always has good insight, fun to be around. Always there for you when you need them.
guy1: I met this amazing woman today..

guy2: Yea, what was her name?

guy1: roann:)
by loveyoumama February 11, 2010
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pogi, perfection, cool voice, faultlessness, immaculateness, supremacy, brilliance, guitar, art, knit, animation, pogi, charming, one in the cosmos, poetry, ;)) uwu
by sheepdog69 baby April 18, 2022
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